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Ko ko’le ko sun ori igi…

Ko ko’le ko sun ori igi
Ko ro’ko ko je eepe ile(Ogunda wori)
Not building or buying a house does not mean you have to sleep on the top of a tree
Not farming does not mean you have to eat the dust on the earth
The words of Ifa are words of wisdom
My opinion/Reality of life
You don’t need to build or buy a house before you can have shelter
You don’t need to be a farmer before you can eat
Not everybody can be house owner otherwise there will be no tenant
Not everybody can be king otherwise there will be no subjects
Not everybody can be rich otherwise there will be no servant
Not everybody can be babalawo otherwise there will be no omo awo(students)
I can go on and on
This is where Ori(destiny) comes in
Yes, you can aspire. Seeing your contemporary doing well should be a challenge not a defeat but you must pursue your goal righteously and save yourself the agony of depression when you are not meeting your targets. You may be prayerful i.e church, mosque, divination/sacrifice etc and yet, not workable. The earlier you accept your fate, the better. It is not the end of life. You can still make use of your position and make yourself happy. You should still be grateful because you will still be better than some people.
Stay blessed.
From Araba of Oworonsoki, Lagos Nigera.

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