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Ekaaro eyin eniyan mi, aojiire bi?

Good morning my people, how was your night? Hope it was splendid, I pray as we are going out this morning that Olodumare will guide and protect us from any evils that might occur today ase.
My people, this morning I wish to say goodbye to you from Facebook till we meet next year with joy, but before I leave, I will advice you for this coming year as I used to do, 2016 has already gone now, what can you point out this year that you achieved? Last year I advised you that “success is not got easily” I told you to choose a new way of success and prosperity in a new year but it is a pity that many of you were impervious to my words, but this is another new year knocking at the door, go out this year to make divination from good ifa priest on how your life will be meaningful in this year, try to do the prescribe sacrifices and then have a faith in Olodumare , keep on praying always and see what Olodumare will do in your life.

Don’t think there is manner without trying your best, proverb says; Heaven helps those who help themselves, I want your life to be better in 2017, I want you to live comfortable without experiencing economy hardship anymore, I want year 2017 to be the best year ever for you, my people, just follow this piece of advice and see what the most highest Olodumare will do in your life.

I pray this morning that we shall congratulate one another happy new year, none of you friends will taste a sudden death for this remaining days that left in 2016, 2017 will be a year of breakthrough and good testimony for everyone of us ase.
Bye for 2016 till we meet in 2017 with great joy.

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