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Yoruba Esu & European Satan: What a generational Colloquial misconceptions !

Satan is an European language and it’s best interpreted by the same European people.

Conceptually, in Yoruba culture, ESU and Satan remains different in meaning and does not mean the same. While Satan relates to wickedness of people, Yoruba ESU provide reliefs to people!

The knowledge acquired on Yoruba ESU deity revealed that Esu do provides, protects, guides and offer blessings to Yoruba people….that’s why there were many ancestral Yoruba names like ESUGBURE, ESUGBOHUN, ESUDARE, ESUNIGBAGBE, ESUYEMI, ESUFARE…..etc

Esu belonged to the categories of our ancestral deities that deserves our honours….. Esu concept remained a very unique spirituality in our Yoruba race.

Therefore, the Europeans needs to explain further about the concept of their Satan; because Satan remain an English word and with all European language analysis… Satan relates to Satanic action !

Please argued without biased and provide facts as to how ESU hurt you or your family other than Satanic concept…….

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