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A si ku odun, a ku iyedun.

Olodun a wo omo fun wa.
Kewekewe koni ko wa l’omo lo.
Aseye ni alakan ns’epo ti e

Aseye ni tiwa o.
Aseti, akoti koni kan wa
T’oko, t’aya ati gbogbo omo wa.
A koni ka gongo s’odun.

Bi iku ba npa won l’eworo l’eworo,
Ki won mase ka tiwa mo won,
Nitoripe, a ki ka ologbo mo eran ori ate!
Opa aro ki ba aro ku.
Igbaye oku ki ba oku re alakeji.

Iyemoja koni fi olu omo re b’orisa!
Ewe iyeye igba ni
Gbogbo ara ni sesefun fi ns’aje.
K’aje ko ma wa wa ri l’ojojumo aye wa.

Bi won ba nta iku ni epinni,
Awa koni ba won ra ninu e!
Bi iku ba nlo n’iwaju,
A koni ba lailai.

Bi aburu ba nbo l’ehin,
Koni ba wa lailai.
A koni rin l’ojo t’ebi ba np’ona.
A ti di arikuyeri la t’oni lo!

Odun owo la ma ma se,
Odun ayo koni su wa se.
Abimolemo ni ti eku eda.
Gbogbo mo wa koni yan ku o.

Ododun la nri orogbo,
Ododun la nri awusa,
B’odun bade la nri omo obi lori ate.
B’odun ba t’ide ka ma rira wa t’erin t’eye.

Akalamagbo ki kanju l’orun,
E o ma ni b’awon naa oja werewere.
E o ma ni ba’won na oja warawara.
Pepe l’owu nke n’ile aro.

Atare ki di tie l’abo.
Omo weere ki won n’ile aladi.
Odan ojude wa
Koni r’ewe lai t’ojo.

A o ma ri ara wa ba l’ayo l’ayo.
Kikun ni ile ayo kun funmo.
Awon omo wa koni pedin.
Ibanuje koni wole wa l’odun l’oro.
Omije ekun wa a d’erin.

Olulana a la ona rere
Ko wa t’aya, t’oko, t’omo
Ati gbogbo ikan ti a ba ni –
eyi to nmi ati eyi ti komi.

Bi isin ba so l’oko,
A l’ana kan.
Bi obi ba so l’oko,
A l’ana kan.

Bi oro ba so l’oko,
A la ona kan.
Bi ope ba so n’igbo,
Nise la nl’ana kan.

Bi ogede ba so jiwojiwo l’oko,
Nise la nl’ana kan.
Bi a ba gba ile ti a tun gba ita,
atan ni a ma ndari re sii.

Asegun ota wa n’ile l’oko,
A ma ma r’ehin odi.
Afon a gbo ko to wo.
Eran oba a j’oko pe.

Irunkere oba a ma po si ni.
Aseyisamodun o.
Igba odun, odun kan ni.
Ori adie koni buru ko ye dudu.
Orire la o ma se l’aye wa.

O d’owo Isedale Oodua.
O d’owo Alale Yoruba.
O d’owo Esije, Esije.
O d’owo Olorun Oba Oke.

O d’owo Odudu to
Ndu ori ti ko gbodo fo
O d’owo Oyela
Bo tun da’modun ka tun ma rira wa,
Ninu Alaafia, Ayo, Idunnu, Akiku ati Baale oro!
Ati gbadura l’oruko awon agbagba ati Eledumare!

© Segun Fadipe Osu Sere Odun 2015.
And the translation into English…


A new year, a new dawn.
What a year for our children.
Kidnappers will not snatch our children.
Crab does its oil with success.

Excellence shall always be our portion.
Failure, procrastination shall not come our ways.
For husband, wife and all our children.
We shall not be sick during and after the festival.

If death is striking them continually,
May it not reach us,
For cat’s meat is never displayed on the tray!
Stick used to measure a dead body is always thrown away.
The clothe used to bury the dead don’t follow it to heaven.

Yemoja shall never use her renowned child as a sacrificial lamb!
Iyeye leaves grows in multitudes.
Sesefun plant is always filled in white(symbol of riches).
May wealth find us everyday life.

If they’re selling death for a kobo,
We shall never join them to buy it!
If death is moving in the front,
We will never catch up with him.

And if death is coming from the back,
He shall never catch us up!
We will walk on the day the road is blood-thirsty.
We resist untimely death from today!

We shall be celebrating in the midst of riches,
Joy we shall all be celebrating.
Multiple birth is that of eda rat.
Untimely death shall not strike our children again!

Every year we see kola nuts,
Every year we see the walnuts,
Every year we see the kola nuts.
Every year we shall always see with happiness and joy!

Akalamagbo bird never rush back to Heaven,
May we never follow them to patronise a deadly occasion.
May we never follow them to patronise a deadly event
It’s the ‘sound of long life’ that the blacksmith’s hammer sings.

Alligator pepper comes in whole.
The abodes of the black ants are never desolate
The frontal Odan tree’s leaves
does not fall before their season.

May we see ourselves in full-blown joy always.
Opon ayo game is always fill with nuts.
Our children will never diminished by death.
Sadness will never enter our home in the new year.
Our tears of sadness shall be turned to that of happiness.

May the Guardian angel always show us good ways
To our husbands, wives and children alike.
And everything we have in life –
Both the living and the non-living things.

If Isin fruits are ripped for harvest,
We must search for it.
If kola nuts are ripped for harvest,
We must search for it.

If Oro fruits are ripped for harvest,
We must search for it.
The palm nuts are ripped for harvest,
We must locate it.

As banana fruits grow bountifully on plantation,
So shall we locate it for harvest.
If we clean the house and clear the compound,
It’s the dumping ground that we offload it.

May we conquer our enemies – home and away.
May we see the end of our enemies.
Breadfruits must ripe before it fall.
May thy king’s horse rears till old age.

May thy king’s horsetails grow in numbers.
Many happy returns of the year.
Two hundred year shall counts as one!
Our chickens shall never lay black eggs.
Lucky shall decorate our life always.

For we salute the Oodua our Progenitor.
We salute the ancestral Yoruba.
We salute the Mother Nature.
We salute God – the Master craftsman!

May Odudu – the Master Moulder and Carrier!
Of our Spiritual heads so that it won’t fall and break
Into pieces see us through the new year!
We salute the ‘Oyela’ – the only Master Seer!
May we all see ourselves again around this time next year,
In Peace, Joy, Happiness, Longlife and Prosperity!
For I pray in the name of the Elders and God Almighty!

© Segun Fadipe January 2015

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  1. I will definitely visit this page again and again, to read from Segun Fadipe, your words are fine, wide and deep. I have a page where I also write some words you may like here http://www.tobiakiode.com/poetry I will really appreciate your comments. Thanks in advance.

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