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Yoruba: How Top 3 Nigeria’s traditional rulers are selected (Yoruba)


In Yoruba tradition, even though the position is hereditary, there are three to four families that are entitled to the throne. It is like a rotational system of government where rulership of a kingdom is circulated among the different families. For example, in Ife, there are four eligible ruling families that can contest for the throne. The families are Osinkola, Lafogido, Giesi and Ogboru. Oba Sijuade is from the Ogboru ruling house which automatically rules the family out of the contest.

The palace elders who have a grounded knowledge of the selection process meet consistently and also consult oracles for guidance. Also, the state government have a key role to play. At the end of consultations of both gods and humans, the name of the successful candidate is announced.



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